Definition of explanatory text

Definition of explanatory text

Text is the text that contains explanation about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of events-it happened natural, social, scientific, cultural, and others may occur. Text explanation is an article that describes the process of something or the formation of a natural phenomenon or social events.

Explanatory text is a text that contains the processes associated with natural phenomena, social, scientific, cultural, and others. In conclusion explanatory text is a text or an article that contains the “why” and “how” of a phenomenon can occur, either natural phenomena or social phenomena.

Structure of explanatory text

Explanatory text structure is divided into three parts, namely:

  1. General Statement (opening)

Contains a general statement about a topic, which will be explained the process of its existence, the occurrence, the process of its existence, the occurrence, the process of formation, etc. Should be concise, interesting, and clear, which is able to arouse the reader’s interest to read the details.

  1. Clarifying series (contents)

Filled with detailed explanation of the process of existence, the occurrence. Relative to answer the question ‘how’, the answer is in the form of a statement. Possible given the gradual process needs to be explained, first, second, third, etc.

  1. Cover / Interpretation

Contains conclusions or statements on topics / processes described.

  1. The explanatory text Linguistic Characteristics

Using language that is easily understood, used according to the rules Indonesian EYD

Ø  Focus on common things, not human patisipan

Ø  Using scientific term

Ø  Using technical terminology

Ø  Using a noun phrase and adverbial

Ø  Using conjunctions time / klousal (if, if, so, etc.)

Ø  The language is concise, interesting, and clear

Ø  Using active verbs and the passive voice

  1. Objectives of explanatory text

The purpose of writing the text of explanation, namely:

Ø  To explain the phenomena that occur (natural and social)

Ø  To account for why this phenomenon occurs

Ø  To explain how the phenomenon

  1. Steps Develop explanatory text

To compose the text of explanation we should pay attention to the various steps are as follows

Ø  Determining the topic / theme

Ø  Setting goals

Ø  Collecting data from various sources

Ø  Develop outline according to the topic selected

Ø  Develop a framework to text explanation