Korean accessories

Korean accessories

Korean accessories
Korean accessories

Most girls love cute things and I am not the exception, I confess I tend to gravitate towards anything cute and sweet. So I must say I was delighted when I visited Korea in 2014, and found all types of cute accessories in the local shops. Ever since I’ve been wanting to make a post on this topic so here I am finally getting to it. All the things photographed in this post I got in Korea, most belong to me and a few to my sister which I borrowed to share here, so please sit back and enjoy.


I saw a lot of these lovely hair ties with bunny ears which
are so adorable and just had to buy them … I just couldn’t
get enough of these ^^

These bunny ears have a wire inside which makes
them adjustable~

Plastic coil hair ties in multiple colors !!!


These lovely earrings were only 1,000 won which
I believe is about $1 U.S. Dollar

All of the earrings photographed here, me and my sister
bought in Myeong-dong… which is a very popular
shopping district in Seoul.


I love this teddy bear broach~

Lovely little foldable mirror~

If you visit Korea I recommend you go to Myeong-dong,
it’s a must for tourists who love shopping. You will find all
kinds of stores here and surely find anything you need, such
as clothes, cosmetics, accessories and beyond. What I loved
the most about this place was the small accessory shops, where
I found most of these goodies at very affordable prices.

Some of the other accessories in this post I bought at underground
shops below a subway station. These were a bit more pricey in
my opinion, but since I had not yet gone to Myeong-dong I did
spend some money here. Overall it was a learning experience
of finding the shops with the most affordable prices, so I don’t
regret it, because I had fun in the process.

If you also love Korea like I do, I hope that you can visit
it some day and enjoy the uniqueness of this beautiful country.

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