Nuclear Is Alternative Energy

Nuclear Is Alternative Energy

Nuclear Is Alternative Energy
Nuclear Is Alternative Energy

Do you know about energy???

I think you known because energy is amazing things. Now, I want to explain about alternative energy, such as nuclear energy.

Energy is an important issue which is being discused. Because, every day energy on the earth will be descrease. There fore we must look for a replacement or known by alternative energy.


One of with new potential energy is nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is big energy. Although the effect and hazard posed very large, we can not deny that nuclear energy is one of energy source viable counts.

Nuclear inventor is Ernest Rutherford. He gets tittle father of chemistry and he is come from ordinary family.

If we hear the word nuclear we will be reminded of certain of nuclear bombs and nuclear reactor explosion at Chernobyl. Yet it is due to negligence and abuse in its use. In fact, nuclear energy is very useful for improving living standards and provide solutions to energy scarcity. It’s true???


Nuclear energy can be generated in 2 ways.

Namely, division core or fission reaction and core merger or fusion reaction. In the manufacture of nuclear energy is not easy. One of which, we should have nuclear reactors and much money. Nuclear reactor is a place or means where nuclear energy was made.

So, let us support the government to develop nuclear energy for improving living standards in Indonesia.

The legs are not always in contact with the heat, “said Lange. And from the perspective of a robotic, six feet is the perfect number, producing stability and making it easy in calculating the movement of dots.


Designer suggested two different ways on OLE in performing their duties.

The first idea is to place the robot at potential sites near the city and the camp area, where they will leave the remnants of campfires burning, waiting for their sensors to feel the fire from a half-mile radius. Another Idea for a bot to do  surveillance in the forest, which will actively look for sparks, despite the constraints on battery life and forest obstacles would limit the power.

Wohlgemuth said the OLE is made from ceramic refractory fiber derived from the compound which can have a temperature resistance of up to 1.850oF. One OLE worth $125,000 and $200,000 and weighs between 150 to 200 pounds. In this case, if there are people who want to steal one of them from the forest, a GPS beacon on board could be used to track him down.

Forest fire experts is to receive the OLE, with the existence of a belief that this will become a better army than the fire departement.

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